Hope For The Missing

Missing in America case recovery's

Jason Edward Martin-Found Alive Case Closed


James 'Martin' Roberts-Open

Joseph Loyd Keller-Recovered Deceased Case Closed

Christopher Young-Active

Chase Massner June 2015 -Case Active

  Janet Renee Field-Active

 Holly Grim of Lower Macungie has been missing since Nov. 22, 2013-Recovered Deceased -case closed

 Bonnie Santiago-Active

Caitlin Kearney, 23,  Missing Since 2012-Case Active

Desire Colon Santos:Revoved Alive-Case Closed

KAYLA GARNER  Recoved Alive-Case Closed

Kaibri Kelmeris- Recoved Alive-Case Closed

Amanda Picard (24) Recovered alive-Case Closed

Emma Menzo -Found Alive-Case Closed

Nayla Kidd Recovered Alive-Case Closed

Josh Adorno Recovered  Alive- Case Closed Apr 20, 2015


ADAM SHARP- Located Deceased-Case Closed 

Justina Alicea-Located Deceased-Case Closed 

Danyelle Minerva-Located Deceased-Case Closed 

David Bird-Located Deceased-Case Closed  

Tristan Clinger-  Located Deceased-Case Closed 

 Linette Marie Miller-Located Deceased-Case Closed 

Lilia (Esperanza) Aucapina - Located Deceased-Case Closed  

Jessica Padgett-Located Deceased-Case Closed  

 Ellen Greenberg-  Located Deceased-Case Closed  

Tammy Mahoney- Closed

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