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Sherri Papini

Calif. Mom’s Family Previously Reported Her to Police — But That Doesn’t Prove Alleged Abduction Was a Hoax: Officials

Sherri Papini — the California mom who mysteriously vanished in November before reappearing weeks later, after an alleged abduction by two Hispanic women — was previously suspected of various misdeeds by her immediate family, according to newly released documents obtained by PEOPLE.

Papini’s relatives made multiple calls to law enforcement about her between 2000 and 2003, according to incident reports from the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office in California. None of the allegations resulted in charges or arrests.No arrests have been made in her alleged abduction.The newly released incident reports, which were first published by the Sacramento Bee , shed some light on Papini’s previous behavior and relationships with her family.

December 2003, her mother, Loretta Graeff, alleged to authorities that the then-21-year-old Papini was “harming herself and blaming the injuries on [her],” according to a copy of the incident report.

Graeff was seeking advice on how to handle the situation, Shasta County sheriff’s Lt. Pat Kropholler tells PEOPLE.

In another incident in 2000, Papini’s father alleged she had vandalized his home; in another call in 2000, her sister said she suspected Papini kicked in her back door while allegedly trying to break in.

Lt. Kropholler says the first incident report was cleared as a vandalism, although Papini’s father reported a burglary. In the second report, Kropholler says nothing appeared to actually be missing from the residence, according to the sister.

Papini’s father called the sheriff’s office again in 2003 to claim that Papini had made an unauthorized withdrawal of money from his checking account.

Kropholler says it may have been a mistake or a misunderstanding, however, because of a mix-up between cards — and that the funds were returned.

Investigators were aware of these previous law enforcement calls during their work on Papini’s disappearance
Sherri Papini investigation

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